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New clinical trials unit opens on the Sunshine Coast

May 17, 2019

A new clinical trials unit has opened on the Sunshine Coast to give patients access to new therapies which could potentially offer better outcomes for diseases.

The unit opened at Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital and is already being considered for several trials including an international renal study.

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital CEO Oliver Steele said: “There has been an enormous amount of investment in health care on the Sunshine Coast and it is uplifting to see the region is maturing in that respect. With that in mind, growing the capacity for medical research and clinical trials is a natural fit.”

The new unit is part of the Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation’s clinical trials network, which now has 14 of these sites located around Australia.

So far there has been interest to conduct trials in oncology, haematology, cardiovascular health and renal medicine but the research site will be open to all therapeutic areas.

Clinical trials coordinator Dr Amanda Williams said: “It gives patients the opportunity to access emerging treatments that they often wouldn’t be able to access otherwise, which may benefit their health condition or quality of life.”

There has also been strong interest from clinicians who work inside the hospital.

“From a hospital perspective it will help us attract and obtain clinicians who have an interest and a passion for research,” Mr Steele said.

Dr Williams has completed her PhD in musculoskeletal health and has worked on clinical trials in behavioural science in the public system.

“I really like the idea of contributing to the process of getting new treatments out to patients that can improve their health care,” Dr Williams said.

All clinical trials run from the unit will undergo ethical review by a National Health and Medical Research Council accredited ethics committee and potential clinical trial patients must give informed consent to participate.