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Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital Day Infusion Unit

When you are dealing with a confronting diagnosis, peace of mind about quality of care and convenience become paramount.

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital’s Day Infusion Unit provides a range of services that can be completed in a day for the treatment of cancer and other conditions.

Treatments include

  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Aclasta/Zometa infusions
  • All blood product infusions
  • Normal fluids
  • IV antibiotics
  • Intravesical BCG
  • Iron Infusions

Our Team

We work with various Specialists including the Coastal Cancer Care team who are based onsite at the hospital -

Rapid Access Clinic

Dr Michelle Morris and Dr Jeremy Long have established a Rapid Access Clinic for GPs and Specialists who are presented with cancer conundrums. The Rapid Access Clinic will allow for initial patient assessments within two working days, fast-tracking the required investigations to get patients on the right treatment path in a timely and appropriate manner. In order to enable Dr Morris and Dr Long to be able to carry out the assessments promptly, the requirement for a Rapid Access Clinic Referral will need to include as much of the following as appropriate:

  • Mark the referral clearly – Rapid Access Clinic Referral
  • Recent pathology when available (blood results/histology/biopsy)
  • Radiology reports when available (MRI/CT/PET/Ultrasound/X-rays)
  • Correspondence (previous operation reports/discharge summaries)

Referrals - patients should be referred by their GP or Specialist to -

Coastal Cancer Care
Suite 9, Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital
3 Doherty Street

P (07) 5437 7633
F (07) 5302 6632

A small team of supportive, specialist nurses trained in the administration of Chemotherapy and other infusions ensure you are likely to have the familiarity of the same nurses throughout your treatment.

Day Infusion Unit

Scalp cooling treatment –cancer patients now have access to a scalp-cooling device which may help to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy treatment.

The technology reduces the flow of chemotherapy drugs to the scalp area, decreasing hair loss in up to 80% of patients.

Patients are fitted with a specialised cooling cap half an hour before their chemotherapy infusion starts and they keep it on 90 minutes after it is finished.

The cap immediately reduces the temperature of the scalp by a few degrees, which cuts blood flow to the hair follicles, preserving the hair.

Most cancer patients are able to access the scalp-cooling technology, but it has shown to have particular success with women and men diagnosed with breast cancer.

Day Infusion Unit

Holiday visitors - to the Sunshine Coast are welcome to book their treatments and we can make arrangements for our regular patients while they are away on holidays.

Visitors - and supporters of patients are also welcomed, however the numbers are restricted to one per patient during the COVID 19 visitor restrictions.

Clinical Trials – High quality clinical trials are vital to making advances in treatment which will benefit the health of the local and wider Australian community.

The newly established Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital Clinical Trials Unit is working closely with our specialists, day infusion team and pharmacists to provide patients with the opportunity to access emerging new treatments, which would often otherwise not be available.

Patients participating in a clinical trial may also benefit from having an active role in their healthcare and from the extra monitoring and support provided by clinical trials staff.

Day Infusion Unit contact information

Second floor, Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital
3 Doherty Street

P (07) 5390 6969 or 5390 6484
F (07) 5390 6283

Opening hours – M-F 7.30am-4.00pm

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