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Sunshine Coast patients to benefit from new Cardiac Services

Jun 01, 2014

Sunshine Coast residents requiring interventional cardiac treatment will benefit from new cardiac services at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital (SCUPH) in Kawana which commenced in June.

The first interventional cardiac procedure was performed by Coast cardiologist Dr Peter Larsen in the hospital’s catheter laboratory.

Interventional cardiology involves opening up blockages or narrowings in coronary arteries with tiny balloons and leaving a stent to keep the artery open thereby improving the blood supply to the heart muscle.

SCUPH CEO Oliver Steele said the hospital had installed state-of-the-art cardiac catheter laboratory equipment enabling angioplasty and stent implantation to be undertaken by leading cardiologists who are based at the hospital.

“In preparation for the commencement of the interventional cardiology service, Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital has invested close to $2 million and has a dedicated Intensive Care Unit and the Coast’s only private cardiology ward,” Mr Steele said.

The interventional cardiac procedures will be performed by a number of the Sunshine Coast’s leading interventional cardiologists.

SCUPH Cardiologist Dr Peter Larsen said the introduction of interventional cardiology at the new private hospital at Kawana was a significant first step towards the establishment of comprehensive cardiac services at this central health hub on the Sunshine Coast.

“In the near future, we foresee both public and private hospitals on this campus offering extensive cardiac services and look forward to offering Sunshine Coast patients a world class centre for cardiology here,” Dr Larsen said.