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Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital celebrates 500th cardiothoracic surgery

Apr 20, 2021

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital is celebrating a significant milestone, performing its 500th cardiothoracic surgery.

Chief Executive Officer, Justin Greenwell, said it was a huge achievement for the cardiothoracic and cardiology teams, which have worked hand-in-hand to provide outstanding care to residents on the Sunshine Coast.

“We really are providing the only centre of excellence for heart and lung patients here on the Sunshine Coast and it’s wonderful that locals can receive the care they need without travelling to Brisbane,” Mr Greenwell said.

Cardiothoracic surgeons Dr Robert Tam and Dr Graeme Hart, who lead the hospital’s cardiothoracic unit, paid tribute to the entire team for achieving the 500th surgery in less than three years.

“This really is a huge milestone and the whole team is really proud. We’re doing the latest treatments in cardiology, we have the latest advances in equipment and our surgeons and cardiologists work so well together,” Dr Tam said.

Dr Hart agreed: “We have an excellent team there is no question about that. From the cath lab, theatre, intensive care and ward staff we are all working towards providing the best outcome for the patient.”

“Demand for our service is growing and people are becoming more aware that they don’t need to travel to Brisbane for this surgery. Ninety percent of healing is in the patient’s wellbeing so if they can be close to home and have family nearby that can make all the difference in their recovery,” Dr Hart said.

57-year-old Kim Cummins from Alexandra Headlands underwent open heart surgery in late-January and is now completing her rehabilitation program.

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital’s cardiac services include access to the latest technology and equipment, a 24/7 emergency interventional cardiology service, intensive care unit, cardiology/cardiothoracic ward, cardiac catheter laboratories, post-procedural rehabilitation, and onsite cardiology consultants.

The hospital also partners with Nambour Selangor Private Hospital to provide a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, managed by experienced exercise physiologists and physiotherapists. The cardiothoracic team has also performed more than 200 lung procedures in less than three years.

Sunshine coast university private hospital celebrates 500th cardiothoracic surgery